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OCT. 19 to DEC. 9, 2023


Online VOTING is now OPEN

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awuh qu-n TLoo.  
Hello & Welcome to Lytton First Nation's

TemEEwuh na Ta hheeymOt (Land Code) 
Information website

What is the
Lytton First Nation
Land Code?

The Lytton First Nation (LFN) Land Code, if passed, will become the main land law of LFN and will replace the current land management provisions of the Indian Act by returning control over our reserve lands to our community.

​The land code provides increased protection for reserve land and resources.

How does a
Land Code benefit Lytton First Nation?

A Land Code can:

  • PROTECT Cultural Heritage

  • PROTECT our land base

  • INCREASE transparency

  • PROVIDE more funding opportunities

  • SUPPORT economic development

  • CREATE the opportunity for more business

  • ENFORCE land laws on reserve

Are there other Land Code Communities?

Almost 1/3 of First Nations in Canada are involved in the Land Code process.


There are currently 109 First Nations that have already passed Land Codes, while another 100 First Nations are at different stages of working to develop their own.

To hear directly from First Nation leaders from cross the country on their experience with land code, take a look at our resources page.



The Lytton First Nation is a culturally orientated, secure community with a strong community identity and sense of place. The vision of Lytton First Nation is to have a viable residential community with the foresight, and resources to meet new challenges and opportunities in accomplishing its mission. Striving to build a strong, self-sufficient economy based on the wisdom of our Tl’kemtsin Elders, experience, knowledge of our leaders and membership to serve the best interest of our Nation.  



Our Land Code is drafted
by Lytton First Nation for Lytton First Nation,
ensuring community involvement.


All LFN members
18 years and older,

on and off-reserve
can vote.


We will vote on the:

Land Code &
Individual Agreement

Vote Date:
October 19 - 21, 2023

Votes can be cast:

  • In-Person

  • By Mail

  • Online



“This [land code] has been nothing but a positive and has strengthened our treaty rights. I still hunt, I still trap, I still fish today. That doesn’t affect it at all. If anything, it strengthens it. It just puts parameters and controls for us to ensure that we remind ourselves that we’ve got to protect our land, just as much as we tell others to do the same, whether it’s on reserve or off.”

Christian Sinclair (Former Chief)

Opaskwayak Cree Nation, Manitoba


Contact Us

Jacquie Raphael,

Lands & Natural Resources Manager


250.455.2304 Ext. 1018

PO Box 20, Lytton, BC, V0K 1Z0

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